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Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula
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Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula "Hasn't scratched yet"®. The easy-to-shake can contains gentle feldspar abrasive for polishing and soap for cleaning all hard surfaces. Use to defog windows and mirrors. This is the only Bon Ami powder that is recommended for use on glass (except auto glass) and it is amazing at cutting through grease on glass oven doors.  It will be your best friend around the whole home as it cleans and brightens painted woodwork and cleans metals to a high shine.  Helpful to sufferers of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). Please view the photos in our Gallery. 

Bon Ami Bundle
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Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula "Hasn't scratched yet"®. This bundle comprises 6 x Bon Ami Cleansing Powders (400g each)  at a discounted price.  For those who would prefer to pay a little extra for enviro-friendly packaging, please see our Packaging options.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser
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Bon Ami Powder Cleanser "Hasn't Scratched Yet!"®  A natural, effective cleaner for the modern home.  Bon Ami Powder Cleanser is a general use powder, especially effective in bathrooms and kitchens.  Made only with natural ingredients that are biodegradable, free of chlorine and phosphates.  Contains no chemicals known to be sensitisers and so is a helpful cleaning product for sufferers of multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS). 

Good Friends
Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula "Hasn't scratched yet"®. This bundle includes 2 x Bon Ami Cleansing Powders (400g each) together with 1 x Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula (340g) at a discounted price.  These two special formulations will tackle almost all your cleaning challenges around the home and only with natural ingredients.  Please view our gallery to see verified photos.