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Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner
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Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner effectively removes residues from the soleplate of a HOT iron. Safe for all metal, Teflon® and Silverstone® surfaces.

See how easy it is to get great results: and look at the photos in our Gallery.

Faultless Regular Starch
In Stock
The tried and true formula for fresh and sharp looking clothes.  The original and still undefeated wrinkle fighter.  Makes ironing easier!  Sprays on evenly.  Formulated to reduce clogging. Provides body to all washable fabrics.  Used by specialist dry cleaners and loved by quilt makers.

See the benefits of using Faultless Starch at:
The Box Set
In Stock
The Box Set.  A whole case of 12 cans of fabulous Faultless Regular Starch.  Offers even greater value and the shipping cost is proportionately less too.  

The Laundry Bundle
In Stock
Every house should have one of these bundles; it will sort out your ironing woes for several months.  It includes 3 x Faultless Regular Starch (585ml) plus 1 x Magic Wrinkle Releaser (300ml) and 1 x Hot Iron Cleaner (28g).

The Six Pack
In Stock
The Six effort required!  6 cans of fabulous Faultless Regular Starch.  Bundled together to provide better value and the shipping cost will be proportionately less too.