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Faultless Starch and Bon Ami products now available here in the UK including Kleen King and Magic brands



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The original and still undefeated wrinkle fighter

Original Clean 1886 is the authorised UK Distributor of Faultless Starch / Bon Ami Company Products from the USA

About original clean 1886

Original Clean 1886 was set up in 2015 to import, distribute and retail some of the fantastic cleaning and laundry care products manufactured by Faultless Starch / Bon Ami Company in the US which were otherwise difficult or impossible to purchase here in the UK. The Faultless and Bon Ami brands are market leaders in America and have been a mainstay, trusted by households around the world since 1886. To see more about about Faultless please click here.

All of the products are premium and give superb results every time;  please take a look at our Gallery to see the effortless results they bring. 

For those who prefer to use only natural products, the Bon Ami powder formulations have simple, natural ingredient lists which makes them very suitable for people with skin sensitivities; between them they clean and polish so many things in the home you will wonder how you ever survived without them!  And better still, there are no artificial, chemical traces or overpowering scents left behind.  Bon Ami's registered trademark is it "Hasn't scratched yet" and of this you can be certain.

Faultless Starch really lives up to its name; it has a no-flake, no-clogging formula and has a perfectly even spray.  In 585ml containers it goes a long way.  Now available in Regular and Heavy it not only helps to speed ironing but also keeps creases out for longer...and always provides a professional finish.

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